Raising Free Range Kids


Something parents are unfortunately not short of is often unsolicited parenting advice. The author featured in this podcast knows this all too well. This podcast features, ” …how being labeled “America’s Worst Mom” led her [Lenore Skenazy] to become a leader of a movement to give kids more unsupervised time, the cultural shifts that have happened in the past 30 years that have resulted in overprotective parenting, and why, contrary to popular belief, the chance of your kid getting abducted by a stranger is actually incredibly small.” (Source: Art of Manliness)



Questions for Me:
  1. Am I willing to hear that I could be doing better at raising my children without taking offense and reacting?
  2. How do my fears affect the way I raise my kids? What opportunities could the be missing?
  3. What small steps or practices can I start doing today that can help me move more in the direction?
Conversations with Others:
  1. I listened to a podcast that had an author on who suggested our fears may have lead us to start parenting in very closed off and isolated ways. Do you struggle with that at all?
  2. I heard someone say that we are putting our kids in a bad place developmentally by not exposing them to reasonable risk.  How far is too far for you?
  3.  I feel like things were different when I was a kid – I did a lot more ‘stuff.’ Do you parent differently than your parents did? How so?


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