Pt 2: Lessons Learned

This is the second part of an original post that you can see here. In the same vein, I offer this second and final collection of thoughts. I hope you enjoy them and that they help in ways I couldn’t predict.

Receive and give freely. Charity has a way of not only blessing the receiver but also the giver.

Everyone is on a journey. Learn to love people where they are and not where one day they might be.

Grace is messy and hard to navigate but worth it.

If at first you don’t succeed, re-think it. Then maybe try agin.

Perspective is a view from single spot. Visit many spots.

Skepticism is critical thinking’s nasty older brother. One will leave you bitter and stagnant and the other will lead you into new places and bigger ideas.

Don’t get angry at what you can’t change but get frustrated and pursue things you can.

Life is short but also deep. Explore the depths passionately.

Don’t settle for a good thing. But don’t be afraid to settle when you find an amazing thing. There are few that are and they are worth your devotion.

Have people around you that challenge you where it matters and love you in the things that don’t.

Nostalgia is a great thing to look back on but a terrible way to plan your future.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Love when it’s not deserved and you will surround yourself with a multitude of deep relationships.

You don’t need to say everything that is on your mind. It’s not as helpful as you might think.

True freedom expressed is discipline lived out. They need each other to thrive.

When you encounter an angry person, cut them some slack at first. There was a whole life that you know nothing of that they lived before you met.

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