Love God and Love People: The Power of Simplicity

This is going to be very quick and simple. I don’t want to risk over complicating it. Maybe it’s a call or letter to the church wanting change or just my own mantra I need to remind myself of. Either way, I hope it helps.

One Misson

The church only has one mission or “way”. There is no money to be made from it, no fame to be attained by doing it, no following to cultivate to show it, and no new systems needed to achieve it.

The mission is simply to love God and love people – to live it out and let God handle the rest. Full-stop.

Ad Nauseam

Unfortunately, we have overcomplicated this ad nauseam and, honestly, I am tired of it. I have grown weary of the new methods that come out that promise results and have been frustrated by those who tout the “old way” as the only answer. Maybe because it’s neither. I have hundreds of books, sat through seminars, attended conferences, thousands of sermons, hundreds of hours of Bible and theology classes and walked away ultimately frustrated. Maybe because I realized they are all just saying the same thing – the good ones at least.

The problem is the mission or way is so simple. Sometimes though, because of its simplicity, people complicate it and become the gatekeeper or keymaster to the “secrets” of its ways. This type of stuff happened back in the first century as well and Paul spoke very frankly about it. Don’t be mistaken though, there is incredible depth to the mission that can be explored. The depth though is not unlocked by methods or intellectual sparing but in its daily persistent practice. This is the difference between most gurus and leaders – knowledge without practice as opposed to knowledge in practice.

Power in Simplicity

Read the accounts of Jesus and just observe how He lived – so simple but with such power. Half the time people had no idea what he was talking about but were moved by His way of life. This is because Jesus was the perfect living example of this simple mission lived out. It was best understood when it was seen in action. Imagine Jesus sitting the disciples down and starting a seminar on 5 ways to grow your church attendance.

So, if there is anything inside of you that really wants this type of life, then you just need to start simple. You have everything you need. Find some people who feel the same and just start doing it. Everything will fight against you in your pursuit of it but keep at it. Things will get messy and people will fall-off but remember the goal. Watch what God does when His mission is lived out. Watch him take the simple and make it extraordinary. Watch what He does with a church that loves God and loves people. I will be fighting for it right there alongside you.

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