Phubbing and Technoference: Why You and Your Phone Need a Break

The Goal

I enjoy being a resource for people. Great book, challenging article, cool new place to visit – I love to help people learn, grow, and take their, “next big step.”

The goal of this post and ones like it soon to follow that are labeled “shareable”, is to help us all start to engage people in conversations – helpful conversations. To speak about thoughts and ideas that may challenge beliefs and that can help us learn to have meaningful conversations in the process. The questions I will supply are the way I process information and hope it will help you as well. I believe we can learn to think critically and talk openly about things we disagree on and it will help us learn and grow in the process.

Feel free to share, comment, and do what you like with it. The point is for it to start a conversation. So, go conversate!

Article Summary

Our mobile phones have taken on a life of their own. Phubbing (phone +snubbing) is a constant and normal occurrence in our daily lives. In boardrooms, homes, and bedrooms our screens demand out attention. On one hand, our phones have the capability to help us access the world around us. Yet, in the process are we may be missing what’s right in front of us. On the heels of yesterday’s article, this article has some good practices to help us all start the road to minimize technoference in our lives.

Below are some helpful questions to ask yourself after you read the article. Also, there are questions you can use to help start a conversation with someone else about the topic. Use them as conversation starters and see where they go.

Questions for Me:

  1. How prone am I to reach for my phone rather than enjoy the stillness of the moment?
  2. Is my phone a tool I use or does it use me?
  3. Are there areas of my life that could benefit from me spending less time on my phone; e.g. relationships, work, health, sleep, etc…?
  4. What feelings am I experiencing when I reach for my phone? Am I avoiding and running away from something or chasing and running towards something?

Questions for Others:

  1. I just heard of phubbing and technoference. Have you ever heard of this?
  2. How often do you check your phone a day? Have you ever checked your phone and a half an hour or more goes by?
  3. I heard about a study that said 70 percent of women said phones were negatively affecting their relationships. That is a lot – do you feel like this stuff affects you at all?
  4. I text people so much. I feel like we miss out on so much when we do that. Can we commit to talking more?


Click to view the article: The Phones We Love Too Much (Source: New York times)


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