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I install and delete apps pretty frequently. I am always on the hunt to try and figure out what app or workflow will help cut off a few extra steps and make things just a bit more efficient.

Though it’s always changing, here are a few apps that I currently have in rotation of my everyday use.


Franz is an all messaging app for Mac OSX

I like Franz for a couple reasons. It’s simple, it works, it’s clean, and most importantly — it’s free. Most days, I have multiple channels of communication that are firing off all day long. E-mails, Slack, calendar, messenger and more can create a tab overload on my browser pretty quickly. Franz puts it all onto one screen and does it really well.

Download for Mac


A beautiful and functional replacement for Notes in your Apple ecosystem.

As a WWDC18 Apple Design Award winner, this is the app Notes was supposed to be — in fact, this is sort of their tagline. Agenda does a great job providing a great experience both in design and functionality for your note-taking needs. Not only can you organize notes by project but utilize tags to add some more depth to your organization. With a feed like display of notes, multiple spaces to separate your notes, markdown capability, and the ability to sync across multiple devices — Agenda is a solid choice.

Download Agenda for iOS & macOS

Edison Mail

Edison Email continues to be my most trusted email app.

If there is one app I delete and change most frequently, it would have to be my email app. Even after deleting and installing every mail app possible, I consistently wind up using Edison as my personal email app choice (Outlookfor work). I have always found it quicker than other apps and the auto sorting of email into categories like “Packages”, “Bills & Receipts”, and “Travel” is extremely helpful. My favorite feature though is the ability unsubscribe from newsletters right from within the email — a huge timesaver.

Download Edison Mail on iOS and Android


Droplr is my favorite way to share screenshots quick and easily.

I am always taking screenshots at work and sending them out — it’s just easier than explaining to someone what I am seeing. Droplr does this well (and free) and makes it so simple to send screenshots, make edits with text and shapes, and blur out confidential information if needed. Droplr provides a link directly to your clipboard after taking a screenshot that can be shared immediately, like in a Slack channel, which will display your screenshot and any edits made.

Sidenote: In the past, I used CloudApp for the same purpose but they only allow 25 screenshots per month on the free plan.

Download Droplr for macOS


With customizable areas, BetterSnapTool keeps my desktop organized and functional.

One of the more simple apps I use, this app I use hundreds of times a day without a doubt. Its simple function is to allow me to “snap” windows to a certain part of my screen by dragging them into a pre-defined area. For example, want to make on window your browsing half the screen and another window the other half? Just drag them to each side and watch the magic happen! You can customize these areas wherever and however you want.

Download BetterSnapTool for macOS

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