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Is there a difference? I believe so. I think it is more often seen than it is told.

Are you willing to take a hard look and see where you land? Here is an quick impromptu list to help us all do some self-checking (me included)

The List

Church people view the church by what it can offer them whereas Disciples view it by what they can offer of themselves.

Church people see worship services as a place to “come and get” whereas Disciples see it as a place to “come and be sent”.

Church people get angry about change in just about anything in the church system (i.e. songs, service times, decor, programs, staff…etc) whereas Disciples get angry about the lack of justice for the oppressed and the hurting.

Church people worry when they miss a church service whereas Disciples worry if they have not had deep and meaningful conversations with others.

Church people get indignant when the money they give does not go to the program they choose whereas Disciples get indignant when church spends money on programs and not people.

Church people feel guilty when they miss a morning devotion wheres Disciples feel guilty if they do it without their heart in it.

Church people bemoan the loss of cultural power whereas Disciples bemoan the complacency of the church in their own neighborhoods.

Church people like to stay near people who are like them whereas Disciples like to learn and be with people who are not like them.

Church people yell at large groups of people to change whereas Disciples insert themselves into the lives of people to be the change.

Church people believe rules and laws change people’s hearts whereas Disciples believe love and inclusion do it better.

Church people believe political power effects change whereas Disciples live it out in the relationships around them.

Church people rely on religion to make them good whereas Disciples rely on Christ who has made them good.

Church people think that an attractive building/service/program/sermon series etc… will bring people into the church whereas Disciples believe their lives on display will bring people to Jesus.

Church people believe church staff are the ones who are paid to serve whereas Disciples believe Jesus paid for them so that they may serve.

Church people believe worship is done in a certain place and time whereas Disciples believe worship is a continual posture of life.

Church people find joy in what good things they have done whereas Disciples find joy in the One who has already said, ‘It is done’ .

Church people yell at large groups of people to change whereas Disciples insert themselves into the lives of people to be the change. Click to Tweet


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