Dirty Jeans On Purpose

Dirty Jeans

“Look, Daddy. Ant!”

My son, Everett, who was on all fours with his nose a mere inch or less from the tree stump, was trying to get my attention. He was completely mezmorized and was shouting for me to come and be amazed as well. His knees were full of dirt caked on from the wet ground and his forehead held the impression of deep grooved lines of the tree bark. He was all in and taking in every scurried movement of this little insect.

Truth be told, it was pretty endearing. I was more captivated by his excitement about the ant than anything else. I loved that not only was he excited about the little ant but that he got down to look for him – he went looking for something to amaze him.

Everyday Purpose

Finding God working in the, “everyday of life” is often similar. God absolutely does big, attention grabbing things in our lives and the lives of others but often life can feel a little monotonous and we wonder where He is. We all have our daily grind to attend to and it can feel pretty purposelessness sometimes. The truth is that God has designed life to be bursting with significance and purpose at each moment. This is a lesson I have learned sometimes the hard way. Think about it – how quickly can a slip of the tongue, a rash decision, or a project deferred have long last implications?

If you would have asked me what was going on in my backyard this afternoon, I would have probably said not too much. There was nothing spectacular happening, nothing too attention grabbing from my perspective. In reality, there was endless activity – the ants as our example. At that moment, how many ants or other insects were scurrying around the backyard? How much activity, in the insect world, was happening right under my feet though I was completely unaware? The difference between my son and I was he was ready to look for and see it. He was ready to get on his hands and knees, get dirty, and be amazed.

People of Purpose

It has become clear to me that the people who see and experience the real presence of God in their lives do one thing real well – they see Him in the everyday of life. Their experience of God is not limited to a time, place, or event but all of life. They see Him in the myriad of relationships they have and the circumstances they are in… and they stop to admire it. They see through the present moment and see it’s connection to something greater. In a life of eternal purpose there are no distractions – only opportunity.

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Jesus taught his disciples to live this type of life. The famous Sermon on the Mount was the outlining of a life on purpose. He was teaching people that He had not designed this world to be walked around aimlessly, without purpose but to be explored and enjoyed and to enjoy the One who was loving and infinitely creative enough to have made it all. In a normal backyard, he was saying it’s the ones who are willing to get on their hands and knees, inches from the ground and yell, “Hey! Look at this!” who got it. It was the ones who would not stand off to the side and think it was just another day but the ones who could see the endless activity of God in the people and world He created.

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